Our QSE Policy

Degreane Horizon strategy is to act as a major actor in the three business fieds that occupied by the company : Meteorology (airport and synoptic), Defence (Radar, Sonar and power generator) and Energy/Transport (remote alarm systems). To contribute to this strategy Degreane Horizon has implemented an Integrated Management System including Quality, Security and Environment, with major stakes :

  • Satisfy our whole stakeholders
  • Sustain the company
  • Improve our performance
  • To be in accordance with our legal and regulatory requirements
  • Control our impacts on the environment as well as our service providers ones



  • Strengthen our workforce and retain staff
  • Maintain ISO 9001: 2015 certification
  • Create new service offers and diversify our actual offer in MRO and security maintenance field
  • Open a new entity Degreane horizon in the Paris area
  • Increase our order entries and maintain a substantial turnover
  • Strenghten our presence at regional as well as international level
  • Have a high-performance innovative range of products with competitive prices owing to research and development on new products
  • Improve our document management system
  • Access to new markets


  • Maintain our “zero accidents”score achieved for the last 16 years by strengthening the safety of our staff when traveling
  • Ensure security for the whole of our supply chain
  • Maintain the OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) Certification
  • Respect safety norms linked to our products


  • Maintain ISO 14001/2005 Certification
  • Reduce our  environnental performance integrating a life cycle prospect into our products and services
  • Control fire risk
  • Encourage our service providers in our process
  • Increase our type of recycle waste
  • Increase the part of local suppliers

Degréane Horizon is commited to :

  • Meet its requirements and compliance obligations
  • Continuously improve its Integrated Management System in order to improve its environmental performance
  • Participate in the environment protection by preventing pollution linked to its environmental impacts
  • Make customer focus a priority in order to improve their satisfaction

A strong commitment from the management team

Management with the support of the QSE department and the whole of the employees, is commited to managing and driving the Integrated Management System to reach defined strategic goals.

To achieve efficiency and satisfaction of all concerned parties, everybody is mobilized and has got responsabilities with a view to contribute to a proper functionning of the system. Our commitments aim at creating value and initiatives owing to the involvement of all.