Our Expertise

We are constantly developing our past expertise to master the latest technologies.

For forty years, we have always worked in close liaison with our customers, developing solutions geared to their needs in the fields of data transmission, alarm signal transmission, and protecting telecommunication lines.

Remote alarm systems

TABOX is a remote alarm transmission system used to alert on-call technicians of any problems. It functions using voice transmission over GSM and STN networks. Alerts can also be put out via SMS or IP link. The system can detect up to 8 alarm signals.




BSCBOX, is a line monitoring unit used to check the availability of a telephone line from the home of the on-call technician. It emits an audio signal when a fault is found. It must be used in conjunction with a TABOX configured in line monitoring mode.




Data transmission / Remote control

The previous version of the EMAP was called MAP, the programmable servo-control module, developed to transmit logic states over special FSK lines. It used point-to-point transmission.

EMAP, the Ethernet programmable servo-control module, integrates the functions of MAP. It also enables the transmission of logic states over IP using a meshed network allowing up to 16 EMAPs to interface.


A range of Galvanic Isolation Devices (GIDs) designed to protect telecommunications installations and people from the effects of power surges.

Protection Type of communication medium Data
High Dialectric Strength Box, standby power PSTN standby power Find out more [FR]
High Dialectric Strength Box, EXT PSTN standby power Find out more [FR]
High Dialectric Strength Box, DSL PSTN standby power, DSL and DSL 2+ Find out more [FR]
4G ISDN Digital standby power, Transfix Find out more [FR]
TDSL Digital standby power, SHDSL, IP-VPN Find out more [FR]
xDSL PC Digital, for EDF Pilot Cable Find out more [FR]
xDSL SWS Digital, for EDF Shield Wire Scheme Find out more [FR]
E 92822 Analogue Dedicated Line (DL) Find out more [FR]
E 92822 A Analogue Dedicated Line (DL) Find out more [FR]


Integration solutions to protect telecommunication cable entry into High Voltage stations at Energy production and distribution sites:

Protection for 1 Quad (2 Pairs): DEGREANE Horizon CPM frame: Plate equipped with 3M POUYET CPM Upstream and Downstream units, on which all types of translators can be wired. Protection for 7 Quads and 14 Quads (14 and 28 Pairs): Trusses for 7 or 14 Quads equipped with DEGREANE Horizon CPM frame, to protect telecommunications cable entry against overvoltage

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