Visibility and Present Weather measurement

DF320 visibility sensor

The DF320 visibility sensor uses forward scattering to measure visibility. It is used to measure synoptic visibility (Meteorological Optical Range) up to 70 km) and aeronautical visibility. Used in combination with a LU320 luminancemeter, it provides Runway Visual Range (RVR) and Aeronautical Visibility (AV).


TR30LED RVR sensor

The TR30LED transmissometer is a sensor used for visibility measurement for aeronautical applications. It measures the Transmissive Ability of the Atmosphere (TAA) and calculates Meteorological Optical Range (MOR). Runway Visual Range (RVR) is processed using transmissivity ability of atmosphere (TAA), luminance (LU320) and runway lighting intensity measurement.


TP320 present weather sensor

The TP320 is a present-weather sensor that measures visibility and identifies and quantifies precipitations. It can also be used to assess present and past weather conditions. It is made up of a laser-based disdrometer and a forward scatter sensor.



State of the ground sensor

The SOLIA sensor is used to determine the state of the ground, show the occurrence of freezing precipitation, and measure the height of the snow layer.



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